Employment Mediation is a Dispute Resolution Process that Effects Positive Workplace Change

Most of what is unfair in the workplace is not unlawful.  That’s a concept that employees and employers alike often fail to understand.  Educating the workforce, so that employees understand the reasoning behind certain decisions, and treating people fairly and with dignity go a long way to avoiding workplace disputes.  That is not to say that workplace disputes can be altogether avoided. But they can be addressed early on before incurring significant expenses and before the parties become entrenched in positional negotiating or heightened emotional responses to conflict. MORE

Mediation as a Tool for Conflict Management

Conflict management is aimed at limiting the negative aspects of conflict while using the opportunity to learn from conflict.  The aim of conflict management is to enhance learning and group outcomes, including effectiveness or performance in an organizational setting.

Conflict is inherent in every organization and – if acknowledged and managed effectively – may serve as the impetus for growth and change.  Then why do most managers engage in conflict avoidance, when doing the opposite may drive innovation and build teamwork within their organizations? MORE