Julia Y.
Former Client
"What a unique combination in an attorney! Not only does Ms. Leader provide excellent expertise in the area of employment law, but she truly cares about her clients.  Her ability to be precise and thorough with the law regarding my case was impressive, but it was the human touch that enabled me to feel fully confident that we would prevail.

Being realistic and discussing your options without compromising your goals, can be difficult at times for a client to hear.  My experience with Ms Leader gave me a new level of confidence after working through my lawsuit.  That time in your life is never easy; it is extremely time consuming and very emotional.  Ms. Leader was able to keep my spirits high, keep me focused, and I knew that I was represented by one of the best.  There was never a doubt in my mind that my case was a priority, even after four years.  That confidence level between a client and an attorney is critical and the longer a case continues, the more important that becomes.

It is thanks to Ms. Leader that I was able to stay positive for the duration of my lawsuit.  I was very satisfied with the end result which is due to Ms. Leader’s exceptional knowledge of employment law and her ability to relate to her clients.  She is a credit to her profession and I was proud to be represented by such an outstanding attorney."

Carolina C.
Business Owner
I would like to thank you for all your support and hard work.  This past year, was really hard for me; . . .you inspired me to keep on working and believe in the goodness of people.  I am relieved that everything is over and truly thankful for your help.  You were a key factor and I am sure that everything would have ended differently without your dedication. . . .Thank you for your guidance and advice.

Harvey Nathan
Arbitrator and Mediator
"Laurie is a gifted attorney and counselor.  Her mental acuity and pleasing personality are outstanding."

Dawn Rose, JD, PHR, SHRM-CP
Executive Director, American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) of the American Hospital Association (AHA)
“I have known Laurie Leader for over a decade, and have worked with her directly on several projects related to employment law and mediation.  She is one of the first people that comes to my mind when others need a referral.  Not only does she bring deep knowledge in this area of law, but she is highly regarded by a wide network of others who have collaborated with her.  Beyond her professionalism and reliability, she brings patience, warmth, balance, and a great energy to any dynamic.  She gets my highest recommendation.”

Elliot Heidelberger
Senior Counsel to the law firm of Sullian-Taylor and Gumina
"Jerry’s skills a practitioner of family law go well beyond his significant skills as an attorney.  Jerry is also recognized by attorneys and judges as one of the most effective and successful mediators in northern Illinois."

Ralla Klepak
"Jerald is a talented mediator who immediately makes people feel comfortable and is willing to resolve problems in a respectful and productive manner.  His insight allows productive resolution."

Perri E. Mayes,  Former President, Association for Conflict Resolution
Director, Mediation Program, University of Wisconsin Law School, Madison
"I have known Jerry Kessler as a colleague for over 20 years and know him as a professional of the highest integrity. Jerry is an exceptionally skilled mediator who is thoughtful and deliberate in his craft. His deep knowledge of mediation and amiable demeanor make it a pleasure for me to work with Jerry in teaching mediation in various educational settings."